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Impex Multipurpose Tawa: A perfect pan for traditional cooking


By Riyas Ali

Pathiri, chapati, parota, dosa. Everyone loves these names for a fulfilling morning meal or at dinner time to go with some flavourful curries.  Hot and smooth parota with a spicy chicken gravy and a steaming cup of tea by its side, make for perfect breakfast.  We all fancy a dinner ensemble consisting of soft, puffy chapatis with a mixed vegetable curry.

Central to this is a good tawa that can make such traditional savoury breads with ease. A fine tawa can cook them all just the way we want them, retaining their natural flavours and textures.  Made of good aluminium or die cast, tawa pan has a smooth, nonstick surface which helps produce the best results. Speaking of which, we cannot go further without mentioning Impex Multipurpose tawa, the new entrant to a long line of Impex kitchen essentials. 

Impex multipurpose tawa is built of high grade nonstick coating that ensures a smooth, slick cooking surface that finicky food will not stick to.  We all have at some point in life tussled with tawa pans as food, especially those made of batter, clings onto the surface. And there is nothing more annoying than being bogged down in a busy morning by a pan that just refuses to let go of food off its surface. Impex tawa with its innovative features is a solution to all those who face these issues regularly.

Courtesy of its 10X stronger surface, Impex tawa offers longer life than its standard cousins, so users may not have to replace the appliance within a short period of purchase.  This is a versatile pan made of superior aluminium that can cook a multitude of breads like chapati, parota, dosa, among others, making it an ideal single tawa for adding more varieties to your menu.

A perfect outcome from tawa cooking has a lot to do with the uniform heat distribution. Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook, the inefficiency of your tawa pan in distributing heat evenly in most cases leads to half-cooked or burnt food, greatly affecting its taste and texture. With its efficient heat distribution, Impex tawa ensures the quality of cooking is never compromised, everytime producing the desired result, be it a crispy dosa, soft chapati or parota.

 There is more convenience on offer from Impex with its residue free cooking. This will bring a much needed relief to users who often have to wipe off the surface after every round of cooking. Handling too has been made easy with a stainless steel rivet handle which is heat proof, ensuring safety.   And there is an enhanced abrasive resistance for you, meaning an accidental use of hard spatula or scrubbing will not put your tawa in danger. Moreover, it can go into the dishwasher or manual washing without any worry of surface damage.



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