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5 things to buy first when you arrange your house kitchen

By Riyas Ali

For many of us, moving to a new home is the pinnacle of life’s few loveliest fulfillments. A time of excitement, anticipation and new beginnings, you greet the occasion by setting up each room looking their best. At the heart of all this is the kitchen, the focal point of your home that needs to be done up right for the move-in date.  Kitchen is the happy room where you’ll cook, eat and make memories for years to come and so it deserves to be outfitted perfectly. Here we will tell you what six items you need to buy first to spruce up your kitchen.

Pressure cooker

Whether you are a novice home cook or experienced chef, investing in a pressure cooker is the wisest decision. They are like a crown that adorns a kitchen besides making your cooking easier. Cookers slash your meal preparation time by up to 50% and can retain the nutrients well, making it a healthy cooking method. Modern pressure cookers come with numerous convenient features such as dripless function, controlled gasket release system and metallic safety valves. However, pressure cookers are typically available in three main categories – aluminum, stainless steel and hard-anodised – each offering different functionalities.


Gas stove

This should be the second key appliance if you are setting up a new kitchen. It is also the most important thing if you prefer to cook for yourself, family, or party. Stoves have undergone so much transformation over the years. Where there once were single and double burners, we now see stoves with not only multiple burners but a wide range of other features like bonnet stands, glass top stoves, stoves with open brass burners, frameless gas stoves, etc. Choose a gas stove that matches your kitchen decor from

Non-stick cookware

A set of nonstick cookware is a must have in Indian kitchens. They are used for a good variety of dishes and are an incredible way to reduce the intake of oil in your meal. A complete set or mix and match pieces, whatever your pick may be,  it is essential to choose the right kind of non-stick cookware to get the job done in the kitchen. Impex offers a long line of nonstick pans such as  tawa pan, kadai pan and granite non-stick cookware, among others. From roasting rotis, frying eggs for breakfast to sautéing vegetables for a mouthwatering meal and whipping up homemade kadai chicken for dinner, non-stick pans can be indispensable tools in the kitchen

Rice cooker

Rice is the staple food for a majority of Indians, and naturally a rice cooker should take a place in your kitchen. One may wonder if buying a dedicated appliance for cooking rice is a wise idea, but the fact is rice cookers offer a simple and easy solution for small families turning out perfect, plump grains with little to no extra effort. In the market, rice cookers are either simple with ‘cook and keep warm’ options or advanced featuring preset functions for different types of rice dishes. Check out the rice cooker available in

Mixer grinder

Think of smoothies, milkshakes, vegetable gravy, idli and dosa or green chutney, the first thing that comes to mind is a mixer grinder. Mixer grinders are one of the versatile machines that makes cooking a breeze and a great reprieve from strenuous old manual grinding. Capable of tackling almost every challenge in the kitchen, mixer grinders offer myriad features to make your mundane kitchen chores a breeze. Mixer grinders are now available in different types, each made especially for different tasks. So put your priorities first before you start looking for a mixer grinder for your new kitchen.   


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