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Smart Fry: A Versatile Healthy Kitchen Star in Your Home


By Riyas Ali

It is hard to resist our mind’s craving for crunchy munching.  And what better way to embrace a rainy evening than by giving in to the temptation of nibbling on crispy chips, accompanied by a steaming cup of tea? The mere thought of losing ourselves in the pages  of a good book while munching on these crispy treats can make any mind dance with joy. 


But just when we think of such small pleasures comes the feeling of guilt — the calories! The extra kilos you gain for indulging in the simple joys of our life may seem a hard bargain. For those who prioritise health over taste, fried foods have been the major villains and are the first to go out of their menu when it comes to staying fit.

To drop them completely off our dining table is like missing out on some unique textures and flavours that delight our taste buds.  That is why we have air fryers — a delicious and healthier answer that can satisfy our cravings without compromising on taste.

Air fryers offer a quick and convenient way to make delectably scrumptious dishes at home. You can whip up easy meals without the burden of cleaning up afterwards, or make delicious crunchy dishes without oil if you want to avoid the extra calories.  The appliance is a convenient countertop cooker that can add versatility to your kitchen. Like an oven, air fryers circulate hot air around the food to turn them crisp and brown, or toast or roast them.  

And we know that the countertop is a prime spot in every home which is already crying for a breathing space, and many busy kitchens struggle to accommodate another small scale appliance even if it is indeed worth taking up the space. So if you are adding another to the worktop, where space is at a premium, it should be efficient, versatile and functional such as the Impex Air Fryer. 

Read on for why the Impex Air Fryer Smart Fry is your ideal addition to the kitchen and worth your next investment.

Smart Fry is the sleek, efficient option if you are looking for an easy-to-use transparent air fryer on the cheap. In other words, this convenient air fryer from Impex leaves nothing to imagination, allowing users to watch how your food is being made ready. This certainly is one feature which will make even the first-time cook feel confident and happy and is the major highlight of an air fryer that comes on a much lower price territory.

 Airfryer best

That said, air fryers are meant for creating crispy and crunchy foods. When spending your hard-earned money in one, it's important to see it efficiently circulates hot air evenly for the desired results, and Smart Fry does this job with ease.  There is good news for the busy bees too as the Smart Fry boasts a convenient 0-to-60 min off timer, allowing them to take the time off their busy cooking and focus on their other key tasks — a handy tool when one faces a tight schedule trying to rush to the office.

 Airfryer in india

Impex also has done a great job on the safety department, dispelling all security concerns associated with air fryers. Fitting a safety net in the fryer, Smart Fry not only prevents food from coming into contact with the heat coil but also provides a kitchen time free from stress. A cool touch handle will add to the overall convenience Smart Fry has already on offer. Further, you could programme your cooking by selecting one of the preset menus and prepare mouthwatering fries even if you have no clue on the duration of cooking for the selected dish.

With a generous 4.5L capacity, Smart Fry makes your big-batch air frying a reality for special occasions as well as everyday meal making like frying fish, evening snacks, roasting vegetables, heating up leftovers or revitalising the soggy takeouts. This could literally translate into saving a lot of money on energy bills or otherwise as every home cook on a tight budget would be able to ditch or limit the use of the pricey oven in favour of the low-cost Smart Fry.

Smart Fry is already a star with its price range and the value-for-money functionalities, and just add the two-year home service to this, you have a complete package in an air fry that can literally boost your confidence in cooking as well save money on some of your kitchen appliances.  Impex Smart Fry is available for purchase in every Impex store.

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