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4 kitchen tools to make this New Year great

Making a meal is more than mixing a number of ingredients and cooking them to be served later. It is one of the great ways to show your affection for your dear ones. Whether you spend time in the kitchen with your family or arrange a dinner party for your friends, food brings people together in the act of making, tasting and sharing .

And what better way to express your appreciation for your dear ones this New Year than by giving them a nice kitchen appliance as a surprise gift? Fry pan, Biryani pot and Milk Pan are all wonderful choices, but a real handy tool will make your friends’ easier and much more enjoyable. And if it is a great gift that you are searching for, then dripless pressure cooker, triply cookware are just the tip of the iceberg that you will see at Impex.

 1) Impex Dripless Aluminium Pressure Cooker

This is the go-to gift for anyone who wants a little special tool in their kitchen this New Year. The dripless pressure cooker is the fitting answer to a messy kitchen which most home cooks find difficult to deal with after every meal preparation. With an innovative cooker top design, the dripless pressure cooker safeguards your stove top and, in the process your kitchen, from the onslaught of starchy froth every time the cooker blows its whistle.

 2) Impex Triply Kadai Pan

Every kitchen requires a good set of stainless steel Kadai pan for everyday cooking. While making the list of the best, Impex triply Kadai pan surfaces to the top. This dishwasher-free kitchenware comes with a non-chemical coating and is the most easy-to-use tool one can get.Suitable for all types of cooking, including baking and deep frying, this pan can efficiently handle the heat and sits perfectly on any stove stop.

3) Impex Royal 5-layer Nonstick Granite Cookware

All modern lifestyles need a modern solution for healthy cooking. Thanks to its chemical-free coating, granite cookware is now the most preferred tool for many who put a premium on healthy cooking. It is a perfect New Year gift especially if your friend is particular about eating non-toxic food. To top it off, the Impex product comes with a food-grade non-stick interior and an ergonomic design.

4)Impex Pearl Aluminium Ceramic Biryani Pot (golden orange)

This is a special gift for your dear ones to make their big occasions even more special. As the name suggests, the 6-liter Impex aluminium ceramic biryani pot is ideal for making mouth-watering biryani, retaining its authentic taste and texture.  Coming in an eye-catching golden orange, this pot is gas-stove compatible with high-temperature resistance and faster heating capabilities.

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