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Why it is easier to keep your kitchen counter clean with Specta Elite gas stove'

Life in the kitchen can be a real slog, especially when there is a lot of cleaning up to do. Even if you are not a busy home cook, chances are that you have encountered a lot of mess in the form of crud, food deposits, spillages and splatters. Nowhere is it seen more than under a gas stove that becomes a perfect abode for all that sneaks out of a cooking pot.

And if you are a homemaker often spending more time in the kitchen, then your stove has seen worse. A boiling pot of rice which leaves stains and marks that dry white. Splotches of chicken dish from a busy Monday cooking, droplets of dosa batter from Tuesday, burnt bits of fish fry from a hectic Wednesday, and stinking blobs of milk that spilled out while being boiled at a guest visit. Before you know it, your burners are black, knobs slick with crumb coated oil and grease, the underside of the stove a warehouse that stores all leftovers.

For any home cook, this is an unappealing scene that exposes an unsightly mess in the kitchen. But there is more to it than meets the eye. These bits and crumbs can become a hazard when they find their way into flames. Left unattended, they can badly affect your stove’s performance too. This underscores the importance of daily scrubbing and wiping. The key to cleaning depends on the kind of stove you are using, and not every stove is designed to make cleaning life easy unless you are using those that are easy to maintain. The one that falls perfectly into this category is the Impex Specta Elite Gas Stove which comes with an easy cleaning bonnet stand.

One puzzle any homemaker struggles to solve is the job of cleaning the inside of the stove. You would find a graveyard of rice, meat, masala, stains, noodles and whatnot. But there is only a little that you can pull out with a yardstick where using a damp cloth would be ideal.

This requires lifting the stove off the floor and slipping your hand between them, and thanks to the difficulty involved cleaning under the stove often slips through the cracks. This is where Impex Specta Elite Gas Stove stands out with its bonnet stand feature.

The cooktop can be lifted and rested on the stand so reaching underneath the stove with a wipe or damp cloth after every meal would never seem a tedious work. This keeps the stove in perfect condition, increases its life and enhances the performance, besides thwarting any potential danger from unclean stove underneath. Impex Specta Elite Stove also boasts a toughened glass top to facilitate easy cleaning on the cooktop and prevent stains and streaks.

The Impex Specta Elite Glasstop Gas stove series offers a host of other features such as the high efficiency brass flat burners and sturdy knobs with ergonomic design to make life easier in the kitchen.

The product is available in two models, Specta Elite 3B and Specta Elite 2B and can be bought from the nearest store.

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