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This Cooker Reduces Kitchen Mess, Raises Convenience

Pressure cookers have taken the pride of place among valuable tools in every Indian kitchen. They are a handy tool for those who have mouths to feed but really, really short on time. By arresting steam and raising internal pressure under a sealed chamber, this must-have home appliance can keep the water simmering  well over 100 degrees to cook food in a short time. Be it a stovetop cooker and an electric one, these gadgets make every rookie feel confident in the whole process of meal preparation.   

Just as everyone loves a cooker for its usefulness, it has also earned a bad name for making kitchens incredibly messy.  All of us have lived through the hell of starchy frothing when a pressure cooker whistles. This leaves every home cook needing more time than usual for cleaning, basically defeating the  purpose of preparing food in a lesser amount of time. 

Apart from leaving the kitchen dirty and smelly, normal cookers can seriously damage the stove burners thus affecting the quality of the flames and life of the stove.  This could lead to health hazards as uncleaned stoves can harbor a lot of bacteria and other hazardous germs which can creep into food.  This is pretty common for any pressure cooker which has not received any spillage control makeover.

Impex  made the cooker spillage-free after innovatively altering the design. The curved-up cooker top keeps overflowing froth on the top itself, thus preventing messy hot water from spilling onto the stove or surrounding area. The innovative  product is made to reduce the time one usually spends in the kitchen, meaning there is one less thing to worry about when it comes to tidying up.   

Aside from saving  your kitchen time to spend it later with your family,  the Impex dripless cooker offers a host of new features, prominent of which being the metallic safety plug and controlled gasket release system. The thoughtful specs in Impex dripless cooker give extra sense of protection from the otherwise high-risk normal cookware. For a good measure, the safety plug automatically melts as the pressure builds up beyond a threshold, letting out the pent-up steam safely through the valve. 

When there is an excess amount of pressure building up, the gasket bulges out through the slit on the pressure cooker lid. This thwarts any potential explosion.  Sturdy, durable and easy to carry, the cooker ensures better time in every minute of cooking.

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