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Stress-free cooking with Impex Magic Pan that can do it all


Still wasting your valuable time watching over pots bubbling on the stovetop? Give it a break. You must find how a multi-functional electric pan makes meal preparation faster, effortless and whole less intensive . Programme and while away your kitchen hours with your family and friends. Save your time to get on with other productive things or simply destress at the end of the day.  A multi-functional electric pan can be programmed to slow or steam cook or deep fry while you are away, keeping food hot and ready just when you return.

Multi-functional pans are not a new concept. Over the years they have gone through so much innovation to drive up their caliber. Some multi-functional electric pans now available in the market are programmed to function 10 different tasks, some 50 and some even go on to make over 100 different meals. And this versatility saves space as it cuts down on the need for multiple appliances. It also saves you money, a major factor when taking into consideration the number of kitchen tools required for multiple cooking.

And few kitchen tools are more critical to the multicuisine success than Impex Magic Pan which expertly handles pressure situations requiring multiple meals at a short notice. This is a reliable, high-quality machine that can cook different meals as per your convenience and is pretty handy for bachelors or those who are staying away from their family for a long time. 

The number of functions Impex Magic Pan can do varies depending on your requirements, but this cookware combines a good mix of modern and traditional settings for people of varied tastes. If you are after traditional flavours like dosa and chapati with chicken curry, Impex Magic Pan can be a good setup to give the taste and texture of your liking.  You could also cook Chinese and continental dishes provided that you have the recipe and right ingredients to make them.

Whether you’re cooking on a budget, looking to streamline your energy usage or simply make some space in a busy kitchen, Impex Magic Pan brings you the best possible results with its modern technologies. The product comes with a 6-in-one mode that allows you to cook various rice, noodles, fries, porridge, soups and steamed food varieties with ease, all at the same time.  With a slew of auto-cooking features, the magic pan cuts short the manual meal preparation time heavily, requiring you to only put in the right ingredients. Then you can programme it and simply walk away. Use the preset timers to take full control of your food preparation from start to finish without needing your presence at the kitchen.


High heat efficiency, temperature drop resistance, heat proof outer body and the ergonomic handles are some of the notable features of the pan which has a weightless body. The touch control panel makes navigation between the settings effortless while the temperature control feature enables one to choose the cooking temperature as required. There is no substitute for the magic pan when it comes to multi-cooking.

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