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6 things to consider while buying gas stove


One of the most important utilities, gas stoves have always taken the pride of place in every Indian kitchen. It is also the most important thing if you prefer to cook for yourself, family, or party. Most of the families in India have at least one at home, but if you don’t have the right stove, cooking often seems a difficult task.  Over the years stoves have undergone so much transformation. Where there once were single and double burners, we now see stoves with not only multiple burners but also a wide range of other features, courtesy of technological advancement and innovative designs. As the types of gas stoves have changed, the options to buy too have gone up manifold.  When it comes to buying a gas stove, there are several options that make decision-making difficult for the end user. If you are thinking of buying a stove, you must also consider some factors that will help you choose the right one for the kitchen.

Most stoves have a longer life. But that doesn’t mean you can completely trust the kitchenware. Gas stoves can malfunction anytime or, in some cases, may stop working completely without any warning. Pay attention to the warranty that comes with the stove and also reliability of the brand. Go for a brand like with a longer warranty period and better after-sales service support for fuss-free ownership. A brand that could fit into the category is Impex which is one of the reliable brands supported by a good number of service centers. Impex stoves boast the least complaint ratio compared to its peers. 

For any activity that involves an element of risk, safety surfaces to the top as the most important aspect to consider. Gas stoves burn highly inflammable gas that can cause life-threatening accidents if used without the safety features. Make sure the product you are purchasing has proper techniques in place to stave off potential fire breakouts. Look out for the products that carry the ISI mark, better safety features and instructions to ensure better usability.

Cooking always leaves behind a lot of rubbish and leftovers to clean, more so when a gas stove is used in the process. It is not uncommon to spot streaks, splotches, oil and grease on and under a stove after a heavy meal preparation. Always buy a stove that is easy to maintain and clean as that could reduce the burden in the kitchen. For easy and effortless cleaning, choose the one with glass top and bonnet stands (eg, Impex Specta Elite gas stove). 

Stoves come in different shapes and sizes and not every one of them matches your kitchen decor. You will have to check if the size you picked suits the kitchen countertop and fulfills the needs. Measure the space marked for placing the stove and choose the one that sits perfectly on it.  Also choose wisely the number burners, depending on the size of the family. For a single individual, a single burner would be the ideal number while the small-to-medium families ( 4 to 5  members) would be better off with three burner stoves. Consider four or more burners if you are buying the stove for a big family.

Design & Aesthetics 
Aesthetics also has a part to play while choosing the gas stove. Pay attention to the overall design and look of the stove before buying so you won’t end up with an appliance that doesn’t match your kitchen countertop or looks unappealing. Though glass top stoves in eye-catching design are all the rage, buying one would be pointless if your kitchen cannot complement its aesthetics. Choosing the right model offers a better experience when using the gas stove.

Burners have a big say when it comes to cooking. Choose a mix of three — small, medium and large — if you are considering three burner stoves for your family. Choose your knobs also wisely. For busy lots who want to prepare meals ready in a hurry, it is advisable to go for automatic ignition. For those who would like to spend time in the kitchen, a cheaper stove with manual ignition would be the ideal option.  

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