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Meet the Versatile Machine that Eases up Your Kitchen Chores, Boosts Immunity

(The multi-purpose Impex 7-in-one food processor can be purchased along with Panther 800 Prime mixer grinder and should be operated on speed one for the best result)

How many times have we planned to cook a good meal but quit midway through after getting fed up with the menial work? How often have we ordered food from outside because you found cooking at the time tedious? If preparing food feels more like a chore than a relief, it might be time to consider a quality food processor that will save you time by chopping and slicing ingredients at the press of a button.

An ultimate multitasker, food processors offer the functionalities of a blender, chopper, shredder and grater, all in one. They can chop, whip/whisk, grate,shred, grind, puree, crush and even knead a wide range of ingredients with great ease. They can considerably speed up every step of the tiring meal preparations such as shredding blocks of cheese, slicing vegetables and mincing meat. Cleanup is easier too, as most machines come with dishwasher safe parts.

Food processors are incredibly handy too at the most crucial time of cooking.They offer an extra pair of hands in the kitchen when you are in a race against time to finish your cooking before scurrying for the office. Everything seems a lot quicker with this machine because it runs on electricity, and this will offer a great help in cooking for people with mobility issues.

And if you have by now discovered that you are spending a lot of time making great dishes and your kitchen sink is clogged by a huge pile of dirty dishes by the time you’re done cooking, then get the Impex multi-purpose 7-in-one food processor (IFP01), a powerful machine with 7 attachments that can multitask with ease. The IFP01 is designed to whisk, slice, shred, chop, knead dough quickly and efficiently and can cut easily for French fries or finger chips.

With all the menial tasks taken care of efficiently, the Impex food processor can
save you a considerable amount of meal preparation time. Even though you are
running a busy eatery, you can process food in batches without much ado and
compromising quality. The machine is completely versatile, where chopping, slicing, whisking and kneading seem like a walk in the park. This means your Impex food processor slices ingredients just the way you want if you need a hot bowl of soup on a cold morning or grind raw meat for a non-veg snack to go with your evening tea. Apart from making short work of all the jarring pre-meal preparation tasks, Impex food processor ensures that whatever food you are processing, they all are pretty much safe and healthy to eat. So if you have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle, buy an Impex food processor that can back up your daily routine. Impex food processor gives any busy bee the motivation to prepare food at home without worrying about setting aside hours to make a meal. And everyone knows how beneficial home-cooked foods are in terms of boosting your immune system, energy and confidence, vital for every working professional.

The IFP01 comes with quality blades along with accessories specially designed for atta kneading, vegetable chopping, whisking, slicing, julienne cutting, shredding and finger-chips cutting. Washing and cleaning will never bother users, thanks to the unique detachable parts. The IFP01 is available with Panther 800 Prime Mixer grinder. Keep in mind that the machine can only be operated on speed 1 to bring out the best outcome and also to avoid any possible damage to the blades.

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