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                                             👍 Innovative, HiQuality Products at Right Price                     ‍🚀 Cash on Delivery, available...

Impex EvoQ Google TV: More than Just a TV


Everyone loves watching television. It is not just a source of entertainment but also a trove of information that keeps us connected to the world.  If you have recently bought a TV or are searching for one that ticks all the boxes, chances are that you have had a difficult time selecting the right TV, confronted with myriad fancy specs and confusing jargon.

Choosing a TV these days is not as easy as it seems. There are just so many options that even making a decision is a hard task. But if you are raiding the market for a great TV viewing, then you really are looking for something premium that is a complete package with an immersive watching experience backed up by stunning picture quality and sound.

Speaking of which…

One cannot go further without talking about Impex evoQ UHD Google TV, a flagship product from Impex.  The best 4K TVs provide a sharp and vibrant picture that makes your favorite shows and movies amazing, lifelike and totally fun to watch. Well, Impex evoQ Google TV is all that and much more.

For a binge watcher, EvoQ offers a deal that is top notch by any standards of TV viewing.  Imagine kicking back in your living room after a long day and you just fire up your TV and see by yourself how immersive every scene feels like. We’re talking super sharp details, the 4K pictures so real you will feel like you can jump right into the scene.

Impex packs True Color Technology into this TV. This means every object in the frame appears as they seem in actual life. A beachfront on the screen looks no different than in real life and the sunset couldn’t be closer to lifelike. Your favorite actor’s skin tones look natural, not like they've been dipped in highlighter.

EvoQ uses HDR10 to make everything appear true to life. Blacks are deeper, whites are brighter, and there are more colours than you thought possible on a TV. It’s like putting on special glasses for your eyes, but this way cooler.

This TV has Google TV built right in. So you can just say ‘Hey Google, play that new action movie’ and voila! You really don’t have to hunt for the remote or waste time scrolling through endless menus. Google TV keeps track of all your favourite streaming services. All you need to do is juggle between Netflix, Prime, Hotstar and such with ease.

So is it fast enough?  With 2GB of RAM, one can easily switch between apps, browse the web or stream anything your heart desires. Besides, there's everything for the gaming geeks, with super smooth navigation, sound and graphic quality and plenty of storage for all your games and apps.

Impex evoQ is definitely the deal for TV entertainment and beyond. It is big enough, has superior picture quality, the smarts and the speed to turn your living room into your own personal theatre.

By Riyas Ali

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