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Beat Your Monsoon Shivers with Cool Impex Water Heaters


By Riyas Ali

Monsoon has set in. This is the time we gear up for a prolonged wet season ahead. While the rain brings much-needed relief from the heat, it brings down temperature levels to below normal, making an otherwise great season less enjoyable. The easy way to combat the monsoon chill is to take hot water baths every day. For a reliable supply of hot water, there is no better candidate for the role than a geyser or heater.

And if staying warm is one of your priorities during this chilly monsoon, consider these super cool geysers and water heaters from Impex, which are designed to provide a constant supply of hot water with necessary healthy benefits.

Impex Storage Water Heater from Hyro Series


This is the ideal water heater for larger families, which take hot showers every day. The 5-star rated water heaters offer a great bundle of benefits like low power consumption, temperature adjustments knobs, auto temperature cut-off and three-layer protection and thermal cutout for additional safety, among others.  The heaters come with an irresistible warranty of 7 years on the inner tank, two on the heating element and two on the product itself. One of the major draws about this product, as the name suggests, is the capacity, which ranges from 6 liters to 10 to 15 liters. The company offers free installation for the model and after sales service for hassle-free ownership.

Heaton 5

Love a warm couple bath on a freezing morning? Here is your pick: Heaton 5. While a couple bath may sound a tad romantic for the purpose, Impex Heaton is much more than that when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. The heater is fast, has a capacity of 5 liters and is suitable for small household needs including dish washing and cleaning. For those who love to add some elegance to their home decor, Heaton offers premium black and glossy white options. Heaton is loaded with features too, notable of them being eminent heating, multi-layer opti mix splash, high voltage withstanding capability, high dense glass wool insulation and food grade stainless steel tank. Add to it a 5 year warranty period, and you have a perfect package for a soothing warm bath.

 Instah 3

Here is the heater for the singletons. Instah 3 can also be used in kitchen and guest rooms for various warm water purposes. At 3 liters, this has the lowest storage capacity of the Impex water heater models. As the name suggests, Instah heats up water really fast and can be useful for bachelors wanting to take a quick warm shower before scurrying to the office.  Users are spared from any potential harm from heaters, with Impex providing a 3-layer safety. Like Heaton and Hyro, this model packs plenty of features more or less similar, ensuring you have a peaceful operation during the rainy season. As for warranty, you will enjoy the same period as those above.

Immersion Water Heater

If you are running short of time but still need to kick the monsoon shiver with a warm shower, then Impex immersion water heater is the device you should look for. This is a highly efficient yet simple device in a time of modern living essentials, which can heat up water really, really fast. The IM series water heater from Impex offers 2 models – IM 1.5 PRIME (1500W) and IM 1.0 PRIME (1000W) separated by only the wattage. Attaching a bucket hook and pliant cord to your heater, Impex has taken user experience to the next level. Safety is also given higher priority, with a shockproof mechanism ensuring operation devoid of electric shocks, a common fear among users of Electric rod heaters.  Features include heavy copper element, nickel plating for extra life, waterproof handle, and fast heat transmission.                                                                          

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