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                                             👍 Innovative, HiQuality Products at Right Price                     ‍🚀 Cash on Delivery, available...

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Impex Nonstick: Star Performers Built for Ages

Quality is key and quality is what we are after. At Impex, we take pride in offering nonstick cookware that stands out for its unmatched excellence, in all departments. Superior performance coupled with durability is the foundation of a better cooking experience, and we are bent on delivering the best that is beyond the industry standards.

To achieve this, nonstick cookware at Impex undergoes a series of rigorous tests (globally-recognised checks), including heat resistance, nonstick performance and scratch durability.  And Impex nonsticks easily pass the tests which ensure our customers can trust in the durability and reliability of our products. 

Read on to see the gauntlet our cookware faces before they arrive at the hands of the customer.

Checking Foundation for Excellence

Surface Roughness Test: This test ensures the pan's surface is prepped to create optimal adhesion for the nonstick coating, ensuring a strong and lasting bond.

Assessing the Coating Strength & Performance:

Coating Thickness Test: We meticulously measure the thickness of the nonstick layer. A thicker coating translates to better protection for the pan's surface and a longer lifespan for your cookware.

Cross Hatch Test: This test involves scratching the coating in a grid pattern to assess its adhesion. A clean and intact pattern signifies superior bonding between the coating and the pan's base.

The Everyday Performance Check:

Egg Test: This test is a testament to our coating's effectiveness. A perfectly cooked, slide-off egg signifies a truly nonstick surface.

Nail/Needle/Scratch Test: We gently test the coating's resilience against minor scratches. A strong coating shouldn't succumb to light contact.

Checking the Resistance

MEK Rub Test: This test involves exposing the coating to a solvent to check its resistance to chemicals and external cleaning agents. A high-quality coating shouldn't be compromised by routine cleaning.

Heat & Temperature Management:

Condensed Milk Test, Sugar & Milk Burn Test: These tests simulate cooking situations with potential for scorching. A good nonstick coating ensures minimal sticking and easy cleanup, even with burnt-on residues.

Thermal Shock Test: We subject the pan and lid to rapid temperature changes, mimicking real-world cooking scenarios. This ensures the cookware can handle heat fluctuations safely, especially on induction cooktops.

Durability & Longevity

Abrasion Test: We rub the pan with an abrasive material to assess its scratch resistance. This helps us guarantee the coating's durability and support our warranty claims.

Oil Bath Test:
The pan is heated in oil for an extended duration to check for peeling, bubbling, or discoloration. This ensures the coating retains its integrity under prolonged heat exposure.

Saltwater Test: Boiling the pan in saltwater for a day simulates exposure to harsh environments. A high-quality coating should resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.