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Planning to buy a mixer grinder? Consider important things before buying one

mixer grinder

By Riyas Ali

If one were to make a list of the quintessential tools in a kitchen, a mixer grinder, of the chosen few, will surely take a spot somewhere at the top. Despised for the annoying high-pitch grinding noise, mixer grinder has still become an appliance we cannot do without.  This kitchen essential is a versatile machine that makes its significance felt almost everywhere food is made. From grinding smooth dosa dough for breakfast to blending an orange smoothie for an evening break or whipping up milkshakes into soft peaks, a mixer grinder can tackle almost every aspect of food preparation.   


But when it comes to choosing the right mixer grinder, one needs to look at some important things before even starting to look for one. We have listed the details for you so you will have an easy time picking the right mixer grinder that can be your best kitchen help.



Currently, there are various kinds of mixer grinders available in the market. However, only two varieties are notably widely used– stand mixer and traditional mixer. Equipped with powerful motors, stand mixers are used in food factories and bakeries largely for whipping cream and kneading dough. This machine hardly makes it out of commercial kitchens and is a life-saving tool for professional bakers. Traditional mixers, on the other hand, are the favourite of home cooks, serving as an indispensable weapon in our kitchen arsenal for daily cooking.

 mixer grinder



A mixer grinder normally has three jars one each for dry and wet grinding and another for chutney. One must know the size and number of the grinder jars. This is important as you have more members in your family requiring a large quantity of food. In such a case, a heavy duty mixer grinder with over 3 large jars will be sufficient. If you are selecting a mixer having more jars, the more versatile your grinding will be. Even if it is a small family, always go for at least 3 jars to avoid running around washing every time you use it.  Ensure that your mixer comes with a firm plastic handle that can stand the rigors of constant use.


Food processor

If cooking feels more like a chore than a relief, you must consider buying a mixer grinder with a quality food processor. A complete multitasker, food processors can save you time by chopping and slicing ingredients at the press of a button.  Look for food processors offering the functionalities of a blender, chopper, shredder and grater, all in one. Visit for mixer grinders with versatile food processors 



Imagine that you want to grind hard ingredients like nuts or seeds but the grinder you have has an under-powered motor. You end up with partially ground ingredients that compromise your cooking quality. In this scenario, you need higher wattage that can easily grind tougher particles into a fine powder.  Choosing from 550 watts to 800 watts is ideal for an Indian kitchen.



Speed is another key factor when it comes to selecting a mixer grinder. RPM can give an idea as to how fast your blade can rotate in a minute, crucial for churning out optimal results. The ideal blade speed for a home cook is somewhere between 18,000 to 23,000 RPM. Choose low-to-medium RPM for a good juicer mixer. Experts say liquid or spices may not be blended perfectly at higher RPM. Also check whether your mixer comes with a speed control knob to change the setting as per your requirements.



 mixer grinder

Power and speed alone cannot guarantee efficient grinding. For this, one also needs powerful blades that are perfect for the job. The ideal blade position for chutney jars is close to the bottom surface of the jar while wet and dry grinding need two-prong blades for efficiency. Ensure your mixer has blades suitable for the job. Experts say that blades with 4 or 6 edges may look good but are not a good option for juicer mixers.



Your mixer grinder may be of higher quality from a good brand that ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance and results. Yet proper maintenance is a must if you need to keep the same level of performance for a long time. In most cases, mixers do not fall within a heavy-maintenance category other than the usual cleaning. Leaving it unwashed affects the grinding efficiency while also becoming a breeding ground for hazardous bacteria, which can lead to dangerous results. Choose the mixer that offers longer warranty and good service for hassle free ownership.



Last but not least. Budget is key in choosing mixers. Mixers mostly don’t come in the pricey territory, but those expensive may offer features which may not be useful to you.  Consider your main requirements before looking for a mixer grinder. Though a high price tag doesn’t necessarily offer you superior quality, opting for a cheaper one without considering its features and user reviews would be also a mistake.

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