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Extend the lifespan your Impex pressure cooker with these simple tips


By Riyas Ali

Pressure cookers are an essential appliance in the kitchen. They are designed to make short work of slow cook dishes. Besides being economical in terms of energy and time saved during meal making, modern pressure cookers can help you keep your kitchen tidy, making cleaning easier with its innovative designs. There is good news for the health-conscious among you too — these kitchen tools are a great option for making healthy food as they preserve nutrients well while cooking.

While the benefits of pressure cookers can go on, we will give some important lessons on Impex pressure cookers that will enable even a rookie cook to make the most of this versatile kitchen tool. Read on to find out how to effectively use Impex pressure cookers and reap the maximum benefits.

Read the instructions manual carefully

Every store-bought kitchen product comes with a user manual and it is for a good reason. However, skipping these instructions is a big mistake many make while using them. While pressure cookers’ functionality is almost common, modern varieties have different features intended to raise convenience and comfort besides improving safety standards. Impex cookers generally fall into that category.  Ensure you have gone through the user manual at least once thoroughly to avoid costly mistakes. 


Know the liquid level

Cookers work by trapping steam in a sealed chamber and raising the pressure. So without sufficient water, pressure cookers will be like any other normal pot. Moreover, you will be cooking in a ticking time bomb which can explode when the water content evaporates. The water requirement varies from dish to dish. For example boiling rice in a pressure cooker needs water twice the level of the rice, but much less for some vegetables. Instructions are which will tell you about the minimum amount and maximum the limit of water. It is essential that you get a clear idea from the instruction manual about these for a safer and optimal cooking result. 


Never overfill your cooker

Filling your Impex cooker above the maximum mark will affect its efficiency. Besides, it will make pressure cooking a messy affair especially while boiling rice/wheats as it leads to spillage of starchy froth, and in the process clogs the steam valve too. In such a case, you will need to take apart the parts and clean them thoroughly before starting again. Impex cookers should not be more than 2/3rd full, and with water, avoid going above half full. Overfilling blocks the space for the all-important steam to build up in the cooker to facilitate cooking.


Heat your cooker properly

Getting the heat right is central to achieving the best cooking results. You need to know whether a particular dish needs to be heated on a high flame or keep it on a low flame. Recipes will give you an idea as to how to reach the correct pressure for a dish. Also important is the type of stovetops being used. Pressure cookers behave differently according to the stoves. For example, temperature can easily be turned to minimum /maximum on a gas stove even as an induction cooktop takes a little longer time to adjust to the maximum/minimum point. Treating them alike may spoil your meal.

Know the cooking timing

Pressure cookers do not have a single theory for all. They have varied cooking times, depending on the ingredients. Meat and cereals have a longer cooking time while soups are done in much less. Certain pulses will need a longer time than split peas; brown rice longer than white. Cooking time could be as much as halved for fish and some vegetables. An easy way to calculate time is to look at a recipe book which is a good time indicator for pressure cooking. If you are cooking them all together, add those needing a long time in the beginning and those less later.  For cooking any beef dish, it is ideal to put beef in first and bring vegetables like potatoes in later stages, somewhere at the halfway point.


Releasing the pressure 

There are usually three methods to release steam from an Impex cooker. Take it off the stovetop and wait until the pressure escapes on its own. The second method involves removing the pressure-releasing valve to allow steam to pass. Ensure you have oven gloves on before taking off the pressure release valve to avoid getting scalded by gushing hot steam. The final way is to run the cooker under a cold tap. The first method is good for slow cooking dishes while the second and third are ideal in situations where overcooking may happen. 

Decant food and keep your cooker clean

This is the final act of every cooking and it is the most important part as that goes a long way in cooker maintenance. Once a meal is made, it is time to decant it to a pot. Most people make the mistake of storing food in the cooker itself which leads to corrosion, eventually shortening its lifespan. Pressure cooker lids are not designed for dishwasher or immersion cleaning. Always wash it under running water, and make sure you have properly removed all residues stuck in the rubber gasket, valves and other areas.  

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