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Debunking Top 5 Myths about Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick pans are one of the most useful workhorses for every home cook. They are so frictionless that fragile omelet and fish fries can practically lift themselves off the surfaces. Cleaning up too is no more taxing than rinsing a plate, and their light weight makes them easier to handle compared to those made from other materials. Coming in with cute colours and dazzling designs, non-stick pans also enhance the aesthetics of a modern kitchen.

No matter the reasoning, a lot of us still keep them off from our daily meal making tools due to the myths surrounding them. Many still debate how safe they are, how long they last and how good their overall properties are relative to their cousins in the market. While the debates can rage on, we take a closer look at some of the common fears about non-stick pans, discover the truth behind them and see if they can be a welcome addition to your home.

1) Non-stick coating harmful

A lot of us are under the impression that non-stick coating is indeed toxic, and if ingested, can prove to be really life-threatening. Nonstick cookware, like the tawa pans and saucepans, uses a coating with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon. While this material is non-hazardous, safety concerns were doing the rounds among consumers about a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which was once used to make the non-stick pans. Today a majority of the pans are PFOA0-free and can no longer be a cause for concern. Check out Impex non-stick cookware here which uses food grade coating and therefore is safe.

2) Hard to afford

Available in different colours and designs, non-stick cook wares are one of the aesthetically appealing kitchen appliances that lend your kitchen cabinet a premium look and feel. That doesn’t mean they come on the pricey territory and buying one would cost you an arm and a leg. Quite the contrary, they are the most convenient as well as cute pans one can take possession of without burning a hole in the pocket.

3) Gets damaged easily

Non-stick pans may be an extremely useful weapon with their aesthetic appeal and efficacy, but the coating gets unstuck easily and starts degrading! Sounds like a caution for the home cooks looking to add to their kitchen arsenal. Yes, it is not a buy-it-for life thing. But the fact is non-stick pans are indeed much more endurable than you thought and can outlive some of your companions in the kitchen. Of course, durability has to do with the quality of the coating you chose from the market. Not only are there different qualities of pans but the manufacturing process is also distinct, meaning not all coatings enjoy the same life expectancy.

4) You cannot use scratched non-stick pan

Nothing is going to stay here for eternity. The non-stick pans will start seeing scratches over time and slowly lose its sheen. This is not a cue for you to throw it away. It is normal to have scratches over a long time of use, especially if you are using a hard utensil. The little scratches on your pan may take away the visual appeal; the performance will remain the same. You will be able to use the pan with all its functionalities and benefits. However, if the coating has completely come off, you might consider changing the pan to avoid the food sticking to the pan.

5) More an ornamental piece than a cookware

Non-stick pans are crafted with such aesthetic finesse that they are a treat to our eyes. And their beautiful appearance often relegates them to the shelf in our homes, where they serve more as ornamental pieces than functional kitchen tools. While its beautiful appearance is certainly a selling point, it has given rise to the myth that they are more of a decorative item than functional kitchenware. Many believe that non-stick pans are not made for searing, browning, and deglazing, but this is far from the truth. They are just as versatile as other types of cookware and can sear and brown with ease, thanks to their quick and efficient heat distribution and retention capabilities.

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