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Benefits of Switching to Impex BLDC Fans This Summer

Impex BLDC Fan


By Riyas Ali

Summer presents one of the most hostile conditions to live through due to the rising mercury. The harsh weather leaves us exhausted, dehydrated, really in need of a reprieve. One of the most effective ways to beat the heat and cool off in these conditions is to switch on the air conditioner (AC). But with ACs mostly expensive to buy and needing high levels of energy, a lot of us are forced to skip the pricey option in favor of the economical alternatives like fans and coolers.

Generally, fans are a solution, especially in areas seeing long stretches of hot weather and humidity. However, running them for too long on high wattage can send your electricity bill skyrocketing. What is a solution that can tackle all these challenges? The answer is BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) fans. With its super cost-cutting efficiency and high performance even on low voltage, they can help you remain cool without worrying about electricity bills. Their benefits go beyond mere energy efficiency.

Read on to find out why BLDC fans are creating quite a buzz in the market this summer.


  • Energy bill shock absorber
  • BLDC Fan


    Worried about your electricity bill every time you put on the fan? Despite the dread of soaring bills, it is difficult to resist a cool breeze in the midst of a sweltering heat. What if there's a way to beat the heat without breaking the bank? BLDC fans are here to save the day! These fans can be 65% more energy efficient than traditional AC fans.  As a result, they save you a considerable amount of money on power bills over time particularly if you use your fan frequently.

    • Quiet and comforting 

    BLDC Fan

    Imagine that you’re immersed in a task demanding your utmost attention, yet a noisy fan disrupts your concentration. Isn't it frustrating?  Noise in traditional fans comes like a byproduct which can be annoying in spaces like bedrooms, libraries or offices. The faster the fan spins, the louder the noise. BLDC fans offer a relief from cacophonic noise by rotating smoothly. They allow you to enjoy the cooling benefits of your fan without giving any irritating distractions. 

    • Lives Longer

    The pursuit of longevity is a universal quest as we strive to extend the lifespan of ourselves and the things we cherish. BLDC fans are one breed that outlives their traditional cousins because they are brushless which reduces heat loss, eventually slowing the normal wear and tear. BLDC fans live longer due to this factor.   

    • Gives you complete control

    How often have we despised the idea of pausing our productive flow to regulate fan's speed? It can be frustrating to disrupt our workflow and divert our attention towards such a lifeless task as adjusting fan speed. Most BLDC fans come with a convenient remote that puts you in complete control, letting you adjust the fan speed and even set a timer without having to physically move out of your comfort.
     BLDC Fan

    •  Friends with environment

    BLDC fans are environmentally friendly because they consume less energy and produce less heat than traditional fans, which reduces their carbon footprint. This is an important advantage for people who are concerned about climate change and want to reduce their impact on the environment. By using a BLDC fan, you can contribute to the overall reduction in energy consumption, which helps to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution.

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