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4 reasons why Impex oven-toaster-griller is the kitchen hero you love

One thing that we all enjoy is food. While the best part of food is surely eating, a great many of us love making food and serving it. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, there are hundreds of cool kitchen appliances that you can use to prepare the dish of your choice. What if you are not one and yet want to make restaurant-style food on your own? There are still tools that make cooking a cakewalk in the kitchen, and Impex Oven-Toaster-Griller (OTG) is one.

The Impex OTG is the all-in-one solution you require to prepare mouth-watering masterpieces at home, without breaking the bank. This multi-purpose kitchen appliance can be used to make a variety of dishes, such as cakes and cookies, grilled meat, toast bread, to name but a few. While the time required for preparing all these meals may vary depending upon the cooking time, the Impex OTG consumes minimal energy and is relatively cost-efficient. Read on to see how Impex OTG can be the kitchen hero you need.

Versatile performer

Most preferred kitchen appliance by many, this magnificent worker is a complete multi-tasker as the name suggests, and does the job to perfection. The OTG offers myriad possibilities for cooking, allowing you to reheat food, toast bread, grill vegetables or meat and bake goodies, tasks that normally require different gadgets to fulfill. For any home cook wanting to reduce their kitchen budget and yet try different meals, there is no better money saver option. And it comes with a bonus too, as the one-solution-for-all-meals box also keeps your kitchen counter less cluttered. Unlike the microwave oven, Impex OTG comes with a rotisserie feature which makes it an ideal appliance for grilling chicken or roasting meat. Baked hand-cut fries, flatbreads, pizza, there is a lot more you can try out with this versatile performer.

Comes in different sizes

The Impex OTG is a convenient kitchen tool available in different capacities (19 litre, 28 litre, 35litre, 45 litre and 63 litre) which makes it easy for families to choose the right capacity. For a family of 3 to 4 members, the 19 litre capacity would do the job just fine while a slightly bigger (5 to 7 members) family can consider a 28 litre variant. Families with 8 or more members can go for 45 litre capacity or the bigger 63 litre one depending on the number of people. That said, choosing the right size is not necessarily directly linked to family headcount. It also depends on your actual requirement, style and purpose of cooking. If you’re a home chef/professional cook who makes different food, you would need bigger capacities to prepare large batches of food in one go. 

Can be carried easily

The multi-tasker from Impex is generally lightweight compared to a microwave oven and can be carried to family functions and parties. If you want to treat the guests to a lip-smacking shawaya or piping hot pizza with a hot beverage, take the OTG to the area where it can be connected to the plughole and start making the dish that you want to serve. With three knobs and a host of convenient features,  the OTG is easy to use too.

Light on the pocket

Impex OTG is many appliances rolled into one. Imagine the extra amount you will have to cough up for different kitchen tools when you can buy all this with one appliance for comparatively half the amount. A most cost-efficient option for professional and occasional cooks, the OTG consumes much less power than its microwave cousin.

A tempered glass door that is both sturdy and easy to clean, a powder-coated MD body that is resistant to scratches and wear, and an inner cavity that can be easily cleaned to ensure that it stays hygienic, Impex OTG boasts a slew of features designed for convenience and durability. It also has a 60-minute timer bell and an auto cut-off function to ensure that it turns off automatically when your meal is ready.

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