1. Do I need to register on your website to purchase?
     Ans: yes. you need to register yourself on the website to do any kid of purchasing.

2. Do I need to complete any procedures to register on your website?
     Ans: Ofcourse. You need to Log in first into our site and follow the mentioned steps to complete the registering procedures.

3. How do I place an order on your website?
    Ans: Placing an order in our website is a simple process. For that sign in first on our website www.impextechnologies.in. Then follow the instructions that has been given in the site. By giving those information, you can select the items, and order within minutes. It won't take any longer.

4. What should I do if I get wrong parcel instead of my order?
     Ans: We will take all best possible ways to ensure that the order is being delivered to the correct address. If such mismatch happens, we will collect it from the particular address and send to the appropriate address. It will not take any other charges.

5. What are the different steps of order processing?
     Ans: When you enter the website, you will see many links that may lead you to the ordering process. As per the notifications, click on the 'order' staus. You can select the items that you need. There will be an option for online payment, after completing your purchase.

6. Is there any way to cancel the confirmed order?
     Ans: You will be able to cancel the order within 24 hours of your purchase. But if the order is under process of delivery, then the cancellation request will be rejected.

7. If I am not able to make payments through online, what shall I do?
    Ans: If the problem, is with our website, then mention about it in the feedback. Don't forget to mention your card details in the feedback so that we could take proper action on the issue.

8. If I have any complaint regarding the quality of your products, what shall I do?
    Ans: If you have any complaint reagrding the quality of our productr, or any issues with the product, you may please mention it on the feedback. We will check it out and if the issue is true, we will take appropriate action reagrding the issue.